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Data Driven Design is an agency based in the Pacific Northwest

We specialize in brand design & web development.

About Us

Data is at the center of what we do. We approach designing and building websites as an art that is informed by best practices grounded in numbers. When we come to the table, we bring information about technologies and trends, and ask our clients to being their subject-area expertise as well. Using our diverse viewpoints and areas of knowledge, we work to build websites based on functionality and driven by business goals.

Since opening in 2011, we’ve largely worked as a white labeled design and engineering company, supporting some of the largest marketing agencies in the Portland metro area. We have built a reputation as a team that can design and build enterprise level websites and applications while delivering on time and on budget. When local agencies have complex projects or extremely tight timelines, their internal resources often have a difficult time providing the technical expertise needed. Our team is called in to get the project done. We have built a reputation for delivering consistent, high quality results with a core team that has remained with the company since its inception and by forming long term business relationships with our clients.

What We Do

We are a full-service marketing agency and work directly with small- to medium-sized businesses so we can best serve our local community. We provide services and expertise that are normally out of reach for many small businesses and non-profits by removing the overhead associated with traditional agencies. This allows us to focus on supporting companies we feel impart tangible benefit to the community around them, thereby fostering a business community that aligns with our values as a company.

We have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. As a result, the capabilities of our team span a variety of creative and engineering solutions.

We do great work for great people
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Meet the Team

We’re made up of designers, developers, dreamers, and do-ers. Our combined experiences cover a wide variety of specialties and we’re always prepared to dive into the next challenge.

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Aron Kerr

Solutions Architect

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Lexis Hamilton

Software Engineer

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Chase Farrell

Creative Director

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Makensy Farrell

Account Manager

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Katelin Ellis

Web Developer

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