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The Logistics Industry of the Future Will Favor the Bold

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It’s no secret that the logistics industry is going through some major changes.

Fierce competition for the younger generation of new drivers, bolstered and increasingly confusing regulations, and greater demand with shrinking supply all make logistics a really hard industry to thrive in.

If you want to be one of the logistics companies that thrives in the future, you have to master the tools that allow you to do more with less. Data Driven Designs has created website solutions that answer many of the logistics industry’s most pressing challenges. Here’s how.

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Recruiting Younger Drivers Takes Tech Savvy

If you believe that younger drivers don’t care about your website, you better think again! In 2019, your website IS your company. Period. Most millennials are never going to see anything other than your website when considering whether to work with you.

They want to apply for a position directly from your website. Oh, and they want to access your website on their phones. If you can’t do that, you’re losing the competition for the up-and-coming generation of younger drivers.

But don’t worry – you can actually have your website be both cell-phone friendly and able to take job applications directly on the page without any back-and-forth when you partner with Data Driven Designs.

Plus, a sleek website shows that you care about recruiting the younger generation (because they care about sleek websites). In the end, you win.

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